Ways To Boost Your Customer Relations With Office Supply Dealer Software!

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What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘office supply software’? If it reminds you of a small suite that has some accounting details, some details re storage, procurements etc, be informed it has these, and most of all, it has these in such depth that most users of this software are simply stunned to know of things they didn’t even imaging could be of use.

And where do these ‘features’ come in handy most? In boosting the customer relations with existing and new customers!


  • Providing clients with alternatives

Most office supply dealers have alternatives to practically every product that they sell. For instance, pens. If the client is insistent on purchasing ONLY one brand which is in short supply, the office product dealer software can suggest based on as many parameters as the client thinks is important. Doing so will keep clients rooted to the office supply dealer- while the dealer needn’t actively promote the other products. In fact, so pervasive will the arrangement be that clients may just make a list of needs and look for alternatives on the office supply dealer software instead of bothering about brands!

  • CRM isn’t just about systems. It’s about building relations using the system

How does an office supplies dealer build relations with clients unless he understand the needs of each of them? In the normal order he can’t. That’s unless he decides to buy a software for office supply dealers that has humongous capacities to store every possible details of clients. Where this helps is by helping perfect the art of Customer Relationship Management in every sense and not just few words to throw about. A functioning, cloud-based CRM helps a office supply dealer know each client like the back of his/ her/ their hand, and not just suggest things and alternatives, but also pitch for newer products and better service terms. Doing so can keep clients very close to the dealer at all times.

  • Constant reminder about your presence

Knowing clients and their needs intimately means an office supply dealer can forever be in the sights of the client without having to constantly worry about what competition is up to. This can happen ONLY and ONLY with the backing of a detailed, high-end (though low on cost!) CRM that records details extensively and elaborately, and helps dealers send timely details to clients without the need to be reminded.

  • Approach newer clients from anywhere

Clients don’t move service providers. The opposite though does happen, and can happen quite often where dealers maintain extensive CRMs. With humongous details of products, alternatives, terms and conditions, it’s not very difficult for office supply dealers to approach newer clients. Also, with AI-assisted systems, even knowing who could be the best and fitting of clients isn’t difficult. Instead of wasting time going to everyone for business, a dealer can go just to those most likely to give business, and save on both time and money.

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