The importance of your website security

The importance of your website securityI was sitting in my office having a conversation with my seniors about why should we protect our website. Why should we put the password on our website? The below were some of the points we discussed –

  1. Why do most of the people do not go for locking up their websites?

The first reason could be, the small businessmen what they think is being a small business, no one will think of hacking their website. They are unaware that generally, hackers use automated tools to hack the website. And that is why the small businessmen do not keep separate resources who will take care of website security. This is all simply because of lack of knowledge of consequences and risks.

  1. Why your website should be secured?

Mostly, your website is your first contact with your prospective customers. Your website is your brand. These business relationships cannot be compromised. Those have to be safe. The threats could be in many forms. It can spread the malware to your site visitors. The information can be stolen from your customer’s information, the transaction information including your credit cards and all. Your websites could be hijacked or crashed too.

Thus, unprotected or unsecured websites could be a big risk to your customers. Moreover, it could be risky for the national targets.

  1. Is securing the website is just a prevention from mal attacks or is it one of the ways to build trust from your sides to your customers?

Customers get disturbed about the security of the internet. The smaller the business, more you can work on security, and then more customers are likely to visit, buy, recommend your products or services. People are aware of seeing the seal of security on the website.

  1. Which industries should be about having a password to their websites?

The hacking website is not about stealing the data only. The hackers create holes so that they can hide the malware and spread it to all visitors to that site. If it is about stealing data, then healthcare, financial industries are most popular.

  1. How should we go about protecting the websites?

There are few easy steps by which you can protect your website. Manage your passwords especially when you are accessing the website. Keep all your computers and mobile devices away from malware so they could not be used as a launchpad for attacking a website. It is affordable for the smallest businessman too.

  1. Is the web security depend on choosing the correct hosting?

There you said. The hosting company is a key to the website security. The host has the infrastructure depending on which the website is being built. The host provides the security to build so that if the front door remains open and there is no buzzer system, that is the host’s responsibility.

  1. Does the content delivery network help the user?

Content Delivery Networks certainly helps a website’s performance to go higher. Faster growing sites are much more welcome to interact with customers so that they can stay longer. Sometimes, faster sites rank much higher on search engines.

Be proactive. Always think about securing your website on a priority basis. Reputation damage, resulting downtime, and clean-up will be difficult and will be much expensive when you are starting with security in mind.

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