Mobile Applications-Part of Daily Life

The mobile phone’s use in today’s everyday life has become endless. It is because the use of it is not limited only to the communication. Everyone is using that for the individual as well as for the business purpose as it has much more offers and brilliant features.

Now as it has high-speed internet, the advanced mobile technology, and the communicative power, these mobiles have become the important part of your business by mobile computing. And this all has become possible because of mobile application development. The credit goes to the developers for this.

These mobile applications have become the daily part of our life. Unknowingly, we use the different apps on our mobile.

Different types of mobile apps we use in our daily life are communication app, matrimonial app, education app, business app, cooking app, shopping app and many more. Can you imagine life without mobile apps? Visiting the websites daily is over now. We download the apps in the mobile to do for our daily activities.

With unique features like personalized interaction with customers, high-speed internet, generating revenue, easy to handle, acquiring the new customers, updating with new trends, easy accessibility compare to opening the website, instead – you have a business app and start your new business. Let’s have a look at both the platforms which developers have that is iOS and Android.

Deciding on what platform to develop the application is again different part.

Both the platforms of iOS and Android have its own plus and minus points. They both remain in the development stage continuously and they keep working and implementing new features all the time.

Android has the open source code and iOS has closed source code.

Android which is owned by Google is an implementation of open source. Google always allows, the addition of updates, the creation of one’s own operating systems with the platform’s help.

Working with Android OS is a cost-friendly alternative with compare to iOS.

Being the open source, Android has some disadvantages too. It could be easily hacked or they get affected by viruses. Whereas iOS could be more reliable as it leaves no loopholes being closed source.

Publishing any new application on Android is very competitive with compare to iOS, cost wise.

If we see the technical differences in both the platforms of mobile application they could be –

Coding Language – Basically JAVA language is used for Android application where for iOS, Objective-C and Swift are used.

Applied IDE – For mobile app development, Android and iOS use many development tools. Being Google, the official owner of Android has switched from Eclipse ADT, which utilizes Java, C, and C++, now introduced IDE Android Studio. Where Apple is far more consistent with software developers using XCode for the past number of years. New versions get released over the time, the latest of which support Swift.

Differences in design – There are lots of differences in the designs. Apple’s pictogram, icons, buttons are minimalistic, concise design. Android web designers are designed by an almost identical Material Design idea.

Distributive platforms – After uploading the app to the online market, what’s next? Android app will take the only couple of hours where the iOS app will take a couple of days to make it public. But Android app is less safe, for the mobile devices users. But now, Google has implemented a special Bouncer system into Google Play.

Nowadays, there are mobile apps for every walks of life and they are making life very easy on the daily working basis. Therefore, mobile app development industry is growing very fast.

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