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If you think office supply is an easy business, it could be, provided you had all that it takes to make it that way. Gone are the times when you could put up a shop on the street corner and expect customers to line-up with the needs and demands. These are the times of e-commerce when you go to the client who goes ONLY after the best deals. And for that, the first line of defence is software for office supply dealers. And what does it do?

1. An office supply dealer software almost makes a shop… online!

Brick and mortar is ancient. They simply took away all the money one could utilize for starting and running a business. With an office supply dealer software, you save money in creating a shop. Without actually having one. Your shop would be open 24 x 365 and be available in any part of the world. With zero need for going any place with everyone from material suppliers to shipping companies being available under one window, your business remains just a window, though a colourful and vivid one that’s visible from any place under the sun.

2. Supply across customers be they B2B or B2C

While brick and mortar shops could either service B2B of B2C, the office supply dealer software gives you the ability to supply to anyone, business or consumer from right where you are irrespective of quantities and other technicalities. While there is a marked difference between the needs of businesses and consumers, a good office supply dealer software takes care of both and helps supply the right quantities at the right prices at the right time to both the needs, sometimes even simultaneously.

3. Create the right website with the best e-commerce features

The best office supply dealer software helps create the right website with the best e-commerce features such that any visitor to the website would surely be tempted to order for office supplies and other items being sold by a dealer. Part of the appeal of any website, and more so e-commerce websites is their ability to bring out all the right information the right way so that visitors feel satisfied to be doing business with them.

4. CRM features

An office supply dealer business requires the dedicated support of a CRM system if it has to stay functional, productive and profitable for all times. These are old times when customers were expected to a site or a shop. Times have changed due to competition when it’s the supplier who needs the support of the consumer to stay aflot. For this reason, an office supply dealer software should have a build-in CRM and that too a very vivid and vast one which captures all the essential elements of a customer’s needs.

5. Analytics

An office supply dealer software is sure to garner a lot of information in terms of data with its working. Putting it in the right perspective to understand who needs what, when, why and for what reasons is the work of AI-driven analytics which is today the best way to bring about the right predictions of trends that shall take place in the future. A good office supply dealer software is sure to have this one feature.

Yes, an office supply dealer software is a necessity these days. That said, they ought to have certain features built in if they are to make sense to their target users.

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