How does an office supplies dealer software help you increase sales and opportunities?

How does an office supplies dealer software help you increase sales and opportunities?

There was a time not so long in the past when words like “gut-feel” and “instincts” made all the difference. You had these, and a fair bit of luck, and you were in business for the long, long haul. And then came competition, from every source, and multitude of products per category. And as if that wasn’t enough to break your back, technologies changed which meant that cash cows of today couldn’t guarantee even dung tomorrow!

What then does an office product dealer do in such times when the best, biggest and brightest can’t guarantee survival given the sheer uncertainty of survival? You look where most do. Invest in an office supply dealer software with a 360-degree view!

As for how it can help increase sales and opportunity, it does that in the following ways (besides others!)

1. It details all that your clients need! An office supplies dealer software of the right kind details what your client needs when and in what quantities and for what reason. There couldn’t be a more resourceful piece of software than this when it comes to knowing how best to serve existing clients. Cross-selling, selling of newer products and services, changes in products etc can all be brought to a client’s notice almost instantly for the best and most productive results.

2. It tells you exactly what to order and not stock on a hunch. You thus have fast moving stock and less of dead stock. Dead stock is the thing that can kill the best of initiatives. It sucks up much-needed working capital and replaces it with completely dead stuff, the kind which won’t move even in a distress auction! To stop this dead in its tracks is a software for office supply dealers which details exactly which item moves with what speed, how often and most importantly, why! With these details in place, the office product supply dealer can see from a mile away things he/ she/ they need to stock and what needs to be kept miles away. By investing in such a piece of software sales cycles (and by extension, receivables cycles) become smooth throughout the year which if handled the right way, can result in organizational growth and development.

3. It gets your reports right into the instant present so that you remain on top of any activity! There was a time when reports meant a cringe. Everyone wanted one but nobody was prepared to go down and prepare it, tedious, boring and laborious that it was. And then came computers and in time, the internet. Today, reports you get at a drop of the hat and that too as latest as tomorrow! What it means is that one has a bird’s eye view on all aspects of business at all times. Profitability and growth is thus a given with an office supplies dealer software

4. It gives insights on what sells and what doesn’t. With such information, sales efforts and campaigns can be directed with pin-point accuracy! There was a time when sales meant a game of dice. You either got everything or you got nothing. And that was because of the opacity of information about client needs and demands. Software for office supply dealers had done away with this kind of opacity across products and categories by investing in the best software for office supply dealer businesses. Times like the present with a pandemic on our hands, overall businesses have gone down. That being the case, most products start to go from fast to slow to super-slow moving given that people want to hoard on money and keep purchases to the minimum. But even in these times, there are products which move. And how do you gauge them? By investing in a healthy Office product dealer software

5. In an unpredictable world, it gives solid insights on what may and may not sell in future! Besides informing about what might sell in the present a good Office supplies dealer software can also read likely future trends and gauge needs which may arise in future. If the predictions seem reasonable and likely, the owner office supply dealer can make a killing besides expanding their customer base!

6. It helps you shore up all your activities towards set goals so as to make the most of situations! If you think a office supplies dealership is a small business, just for a moment, think of the range of products that a office supply dealer stocks and sells, the likely types of customers they deal with and most of all, the kind of uncertainty they carry vis-à-vis selling and your apprehensions shall be allayed. For them, one of the best things to shore up business is to invest in an office product dealer software which takes care of everything from stocking, selling, logistics, HR, finance and reporting because a tight control over enterprise is one way of powering ahead.

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