E Commerce Software for Office Supplies Industry ought to have

E Commerce Software for Office Supplies Industry ought to have

Software for office supply dealers in the domain of ecommerce software is something that has finally found its feet in India! And why not?? After all we are the 3rd largest economy in the world (by PPP calculations), and providing for the growth of everyone including office product dealers is a natural when there exist so, so much scope!

But like the proverb, not all that shines is gold, not all that is software for office product suppliers stand the test of usability and usefulness. Some in fact come across as simple and straight frauds.

Today we tell you some of the much-needed features in ecommerce software for the office supplies industry which may take it way, way ahead of competition.

1. Great UX-UI

Great user experience takes place when the site/ software has a great User-Interface. And that takes place when the makers of the best software for Office Supply Dealer know the exact thing that office supply dealers look for, like a clean and uncluttered storefront where clients can see exactly what they want in all tech details, along with details of every competing products. If the clients feel the site is with-holding information for any reason or is otherwise not coming clean, there is every reason to believe that they may walk away. As against this, if the site’s UI is good, clean and appealing, UX would be great and guarantee the return of clients/ visitors!

2. It should basically replicate the in-house software right from ordering to delivery to final sale

Comfort comes from familiarity. And familiarity is formed when the new set-up closely replicates the existing one. Comfort on its part leads to higher productivity, and sales! Had it not been for Ecommerce Software for The Office Supplies Industry, it would have operated in its old brick-and-mortar avatar with all its old-world slowness and comforts! Now imagine an ecommerce software for the office supplies industry which has the interesting and useful parts of the old order, and all the speed of the new! Such a best-of-both worlds scenario will surely make the site a preferred location for most Office Product Dealer!

3. Should remain scalable

Comforts, looks, feel and the likes is good to attract and retain clients. But what about scalability? What happens when a small single-man set-up office product dealer wants to go big with multiple products, bigger range, offers and the likes? An ecommerce software for the office supplies industry which does not account for this upward scaling is sure to go dry pretty soon- more so in the prevailing Indian context where size mattes, and where everyone wants to be of a certain size. The entire ecommerce platform should then be extremely versatile and scalable in every situation, be it to do with product range, services, frontage and the likes.

4. Should cater to every kind of office supplier irrespective of size and worth

In every market in the world, from the developed to the developing and the under-developed economies, there exist a number of small players and only few big giants. That is the normal order everywhere. Along with this order, is another one where the small does not remain small but moves into the big league. If the ecommerce software for the office supplies industry starts to get choosy with ONLY a certain type of clientele, it could just be a question of time before it loses the cream of the growing industry which could shift base elsewhere.

5. Should be able to cater to products which are not strictly speaking, within the domain of office supplies but is likely to get there

Nothing today is strictly what it was till a decade back. When an orthopedic surgeon has split into ortho and physiotherapy and further into sports physiotherapy vs general physiotherapy, it can very well be expected that an office supply dealer going forward could also morph into a computer hardware and software seller, a seller of mobile phones, coffee-makers and what have you! That being so, the ecommerce software for the office supplies industry should have adequate bandwidth to cater to such product ranges by being innovative and open to ideas. By doing so, they can expect a larger clientele, and more importantly, a certain brand image in the market.

6. Should have the ability to have features of CRM built-in so that clients’ details can be kept in the same software instead of going all over the place.

How do you predict an event? You do it with the right quantum of data, and the means to interpret it to decipher underlying patterns. And if done correctly, you can and make a killing out of it!

Data is exactly what an eCommerce software for the office supplies industry has in plenty! What it needs is the ability to read truck-loads of it at any given time, and decipher predictable patterns so as to pitch the right product at the right time in the right settings for the right response and output. It is thus fairly obvious that to read data the right way for accuracy and speed, the system ought to have the ability to read and interpret data. If it does, the Office Product Dealer needn’t invest in another system or series of systems which have the ability to provide it with accurate information.

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