Why is an Office Products & Equipment Dealer Software Necessary

Why is an Office Products & Equipment Dealer Software Necessary

Don’t take the business of office supplies lightly. Paper they may deal with but light their business isn’t by any stretch of imagination. In fact, put together, it could be one of the heaviest like an entire bundle of newsreel which weighs in tons!

Today we take a specific part of the trade of office products & equipment dealer and tell you why software for office supply dealers is such a necessity? The part we take up is order management

Order management ideally is about collecting all the customer orders in an organized and efficient manner and processing it further with all the relevant section including accounts, production/ storage, logistics and despatch to create a seamless whole. In the yesteryears when OP software and equipment dealerships were of limited sizes, things were managed with registers, maths and lots and lots of paper work.

NOT ANY MORE! With digitization and the advent of the internet, competition has gone through the roof. Profitability in the meanwhile have gone straight down through the flooring. What has remained in tact to trouble the businesses are complexities. They have remained at the same level and have progressively increased over time to a situation where without computerization (and that too of the cloud kinds!), things shall only and increasingly move south.

In the area of order management, an office supply dealer software helps with the following functionalities and their USP:

– Commercial order entry

– Creation of Quotes, Invoices and Packing Slips

– Application of coupon codes

– Easy generation of quotes to various bodies

– Easy conversion of online customers’ carts to final orders

– Easy information on profitability across products and categories

– Easy change of GP be it basis orders or items

– Live checking of stock levels across storage

Given that SITSERP is a scalable, cloud-based, module-specific product, it has additional pluses (which needs to be invested in separately) including the following:

– Live credit card processing

– A POS module

– Facility to view customer history in order entry

– Facility to view customer aging in order entry

– Up-sell and substitute suggestion feature

These are interesting times when businesses of the most unthinkable kinds are making their presence felt. Most are doing rather well when it comes to size and profitability. One of the reason they prosper is the presence of the right kind of software which frees the management to concentrate on doing the right activity.

As for the mundane and daily stuff, there is the OP Software to handle it which are so scalable that it can handle everything from the affairs of a single shop to multi-city stores to stores online. 

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