What is Social Media Optimization? What so important about it?

Social Media OptimizationNow that everyone is into digital marketing, most of the companies have increased their budget or have deployed the dollars on advertising across the globe. When using the different tools in the digital marketing, Social Media Optimization (SMO), is not the new term for you to know. As per the Wikipedia definition SMO, says Danny Sullivan, search engine marketer, who used it around 2006 and 5 basic rules were featured by Rohit Bhargava, which you will find at the bottom of this blog with my suggestions on it about how you could use SMO more actively as the better return of investment.

Now that Social Media Marketing (SMM) has settled in place, you can say SMO is the next step of this for improving the effects of social media marketing. To find out the marketers’ views on SMO, we conducted a small survey to check whether it is related to SEO, or it has narrow or big views when it is optimizing with a website.

The question was – What do you understand when we say SMO?

And the result was with full of surprises.

  • Almost 50% of the voters said that SMO is the one who helps in improving and analyzing in almost all social media marketing activities.
  • Where again almost 25% of the voters were saying that it is been used in social media to support the SEO.
  • More surprising the voter vote very less for – SMO as integrating social media activities in a website for supporting its goals.

So, what is the take away of this?

If we steer all the votes altogether, people are interested in broader improvements in social media marketing, but SEO is a just one part of it. People have the interest of SMO activities in their organizations especially to boost the web visits.

So, if you wish to improve your SMO activities you can follow Rohit’s 5 rules of Social Media Optimization where he says –

  • Create content which is shareable
  • Make the sharing very easy
  • Reward engagements through the content
  • Share the content proactively
  • Encourage the remixed content (“mashup”)

But how could you use or apply these above 5 rules?

You can always install the social sharing buttons – People cannot share the content on the social media just because they do not find the social media sharing buttons. So, make sure of placing those buttons at the apt place.

You can add social widgets – If you have added the social badges or widgets on your web pages, the content is easily shareable to the preferred social networks. It becomes easier for the audience to pick up any network for sharing your content.

You can start social interaction – You can create more stories when you interact more on social media. Your social footprints will get increased automatically. Social stories could be count as your votes by social media which will help you in your SEO.

Create the content and share it on regular basis – If you create great content on social media consistently, the SMO process will work for longer time. Keep uploading fresh content but do not forget to optimize it. As your contents get ready, share it with multiple sources. You can always try the same content with different formats.

Social pages can be optimized – This one is last but certainly not least that, your social media profiles must be optimized with proper and accurate information about your business. It has to have the business profile, address, logo with proper URL. This will increase the visibility of your profile.

Remember the important equation for your business –

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) + Social Media Optimization (SMO) + Search Engine Marketing (SEM) = Better Return Of Investment (BROI).

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