Legendary tennis star Andre Agassi was featuring in his one of the ad where he had said “Image Is Everything. It is so very true when it comes to building a website. The appearance and image are considered when we think of designing a website, building a website.

The first impression is the last impression. When people are browsing through your website, the impression will decide the customer to call or to purchase. A quick exit will take place if the website is not designed strategically. And the deal will go to your competitors.

Now the customers have become mature. The designing also has evolved. The Internet has gone to the other level. Keeping in that mind, below are some of the important factors you must implement –

WEBSITE LAYOUT – Having too much of information on one page might clutter your website. The layout, as well as the web designing, should be attractive, it should be inviting your prospective customers that, they should pay attention to all the details, you have mentioned on your website.

KEYWORDS – When you are choosing the keywords, they should very well relevant while building your website. For displaying the search results, the search engine uses the keywords. But please do not keep on repeating the keywords as they will penalize you for that. Repetitive keywords are considered as unethical in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practice.

NAVIGATION – The website which is difficult to navigate will certainly send your customers to your competitors. If customers will not be able to see the products or the services they want on your website, they will go to the other website. So, please consider the navigation when you are designing the website.

CONTENT – Please make sure you have only that much of content which is required. The search engine does the work of “crawling” and indexing your pages. What you want, is to keep your customers engaged in the content. So, consider the diagrams, videos, podcasts as part of your content. Valuable content makes the web page to go up before others. More and more people read the content, articles, the website going to be a higher rank.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND BLOGS – Now with advanced technology, it is possible for customers to directly interact with your business, your products, your services. By functioning on blogging and social media, customers know about what we buy, where we do business, where we do buy. Using social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, when you include your website links to social media, you eventually build the links. And social media marketing is done.

UPDATED AND UP TO DATE WEBSITE – It would be so boring that, for years the websites have not been changed. Do you know that neither your search engine nor your customers appreciate this? It’s for sure that, keeping the website up to date is certainly not an easy task, but in the time where the new information being posted infraction of a minute, you cannot afford this.

ACCURATE DOMAIN AND URL – Do you ever realize that having an accurate domain will help you with the help of search engine? A keyword in the URL will help you in ranking your site.

So, while building a website consider web design elements, interactive content, relevant keywords, conversion techniques at topmost priority.

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