One Stop Solution for Software

One Stop Solution for Software

Dealer Commander name of the software solutions for many types of industries including Office Product industry. As we strongly believe, your business can be small or big, whether you are in the educational industry or medical, whether you are in, every business has its budget which has been fixed. And we work within that budget.

You have a lot of competition in today’s market. Whatever your plans are, we shall make your dream come true as we will help you to grow your business.

Initially, an independent Office Product developed Dealer Commander. Thus, the Dealer Commander came into existence. We have evolved ourselves to make our place in this ever-changing technology.

We have innovative add features will give you the flexibility to have a package which will suit your budget and which will be according to your business. We provide you the choice of different options to integrate with your business, which provides the versatility in your business growth.

You have lots of options when you want to design a website, whether it is about the products or about the services. The opportunity to embed software and technology directly into products and services is evolving the way organizations deliver value. Digital transformation is about re-imagining how you bring together people, data and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world.

We not only design the needs of business products but also, we work on the different aspects of customer data, purchasing, inventory management and many more. In short, we provide the complete solution which is customized and so making it easy for your business.

SEO – Only designing a website or software will not work, unless and until it is implemented by search engine optimization techniques which will raise, which will result into your website is more visible by more and more visitors. Our SEO team will take your website to a higher level in Google which will provide you greater opportunities to your business.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Do we need to discuss the importance of social media in our day to day life? Twitter, Facebook blogs and many more, they help in increasing the traffic to your website. It has the power to increase the customer loyalty also. It helps in providing exposure to your business moreover it also an opportunity to grow the relationships with the target audience. You get the benefits of customer service, feedback, analysis of the business.

WEB DESIGN – Navigation in the designing plays an important part to guide quickly travel through the website. The designing includes the various aspects of web page layout, content production, graphics. It focuses on the prospective users.

APPLICATIONS – As the outsourcing, globalization has increased, the requirement for collaborative work has also increased. Applications help in building business and deploy it. Changes can be easily made when required in business.

SECURITY – When you talk about e-commerce platform, the security has to be taken into consideration, as mostly all payments are going to be online. Encryption which is used has to be very secure.

Dealer Commander takes care of all above features. We just do not believe in building a website or a software but we provide services at the front head and at the back-end. We take care of all the aspects to grow your business online.

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