Important Components of Office Supply Distribution Software

Important Components of Office Supply Distribution Software

An office supply distribution software isn’t a luxury anymore. With E-commerce being the preferred mode of doing business, the scope and significance of an office supply distribution software has gone through the roof! What’s important to note is that an office supply dealer software isn’t something like an accounting software or a CRM software in isolation. To be highly productive and useful, it ought to be have its full complement of features which make it a complete, rounded package which suffices every need of an office supply dealer.

Today we tell you of all the important components that a good and efficient office supply dealer software ought to include in itself.

Customer Relation Management or CRM software

With majority of the office supply dealer business going the e-commerce way, much of the CRM too has gone the software way. Also, the sources from which details about customers, their interests, needs, likes and dislikes etc now available to an office supply dealer software are many. This makes the work of the CRM software very important and vast. What it means to buyers of an Office Supply Dealer Software is that besides its presence in such a software, it ought to be very comprehensive yet deft and reliable at all times. The scope of CRM itself should be such that it can be escalated horizontally and vertically when need be without the need to invest in another software.

E-commerce sites do provide a host of CRM features in their offerings, despite which it makes sense for a regular office supply dealer to invest in one independently and keep using and updating the same. The idea behind doing so is that in time most office-supply dealers would want to move out and go solo in which case they would naturally need the support of their own CRM system which better be tuned at the earliest.

Accounting and Finance suite

No business can run without efficient accounting and finance. The thing about most e-commerce or other net-related business is that orders when the come, arrive in numbers calling for one’s complete attention on finance. Without know what one has vs what one may need to spend, one is asking for trouble which could include a quick and effective closure of business. An Office Supply Dealer Software thus calls for an effective, efficient and very comprehensive accounting and finance software which keeps track of finance and expenses across sources. E-commerce in itself has many facets when it comes to sales with just one being sites like amazon and flipkart. There are others and these days they seem to pop-up practically every day. To keep track of incomes and expenses across mediums and forums is then the work of an efficient accounting and finance suite within the software for office product supplier.

Stock and supply position indicator software

Any software for office supply dealers would remain lopsided and quite dangerous to operate and depend upon where it does not acknowledge or does so partially of the stock positions. Office supplies are a serious consideration in this business with inventories numbering in hundreds with each product having its own pre-defined turn-around times. Not knowing the exact position of all of these or in the minimum, the fastest moving among these is a sure way to over-commit and under-deliver, the first rule in failing and ultimately losing customers. An efficient office supply dealer software thus calls for an efficient inventory management and order management software built into the main software. Inventory management is a two-way street. On the one side it ought to keep track of stock levels of important components of one’s products. On the other, it has to keep track of the orders that come in and align them with the stock position. It HAS to be good at both to be able to retain clients who always have the option of clicking away to another site to get the same products.

Distribution logistics

As with the very idea of E-commerce which has more than its share of variants, the idea of distribution logistics with respect to office supply dealerships is just as vast. One could be a sole distributor with their own logistics chain or could tie-up with logistics companies or operate on the drop shipping model and so on. While there is no certainty on the model one may use when it comes to the distribution part of office supply dealerships, there has to be a lot of certainty when it comes to the software for office product suppliers. Of these certainties is the presence of an efficient system of distribution of goods ordered or returned by clients. Distribution logistics in the office supply dealership business has many avatars all of which many need to be accounted for in the office supply dealer software to make the latter very efficient and effective. It ought to have multiple functionalities which provides the right vision of the cargo, it’s position, its status, ETA etc.

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