ERP for School Supply Dealer & Stationery Shops

ERP for School Supply Dealer & Stationery Shops

A piece of paper might seem weightless but that isn’t necessarily the case with the business of school supplies and stationery shops. They carry humongous quantities and varied types of products which fine application in various situations and settings. In fact, school supply dealers and stationary shops sell products that are used by everyone from a 2-year-old to a 80-year-old. That being the case, they obviously have to carry a huge number of products. Add to that, in the present, they also carry non-traditional things such as package eatables, mobile-phones and accessories and every convenience item one can ever think of.

Helping them stay a step ahead of competition in every sense including service, profits, product range, and general customer-service could the School Supply Dealer Software, and Stationery Shop Billing Software from SITS ERP, one of the best such product in the market!

ERPs ideally do not need an introduction to industry today. It’ been around and given more than its share of service to industry be it related to manufacture or services. What started as a product meant purely for manufacturing to take care of the latter’s complexities has today come of age and is proving to be a boon for every kind of enterprise, be it product or service oriented. Adding to its unique appeal has been cloud versions and SaaS- precisely the reason school supply dealers and stationary supply dealers ought to be looking at SITS ERP’s varied product! And why not! They have precisely all the qualities which shall make any such business immensely profitable and growth-oriented, like:

It’s a cloud-based product! No personnel, no equipments, no hassles to maintain things. Nothing but the purest of services ONLY 24 x 7 x 365! Being cloud-based, you are assured of the best of security without the need to employ your own personnel to keep tabs of issues at any time. Access to your services can be had from any part of the globe at any (and all) hour!

It grows with you! You can buy one package today and if you feel you have outlived it’s utility, can move on to bigger and better packages that have more utilities and features! Almost like buying an upgrading a DTH connection, what you get is pure, pure utility and that too of the kind that fulfill your needs. A single dealership today in most cases growth to quite a few within no time. A place like India guarantees just that. Additionally, what SITS Erp guarantees is the right product at the right time and place!

It reports on everything of interest! Financial reports, inventory reports, receivables report and so on. Every business has its own necessity for reports. Where SITS ERP scores over the others is to provide you just the right report at the Right time and place.

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